This site is by a group of Blender fans who are working through popular 3D tutorials on the web, and seeing how well they work in Blender!

Please remember that this is not a Blender tutorial site itself, as there are many incredible Blender tutorial sites out there for learning how to use Blender.  Instead, this site will show you that tutorials designed for other 3D programs (typically commercial apps) can be used successfully with Blender with few (if any) modifications.

Also, the authors who have submitted these postings may or may not have chosen to do the same thing in the same way as the original tutorial author.  They have endeavored to follow the original tutorial author’s methodology to prove that a specific technique will work in Blender.

We’re simply hoping to encourage all 3D folks to look beyond their own software’s tutorials and/or books when looking for techniques to try.

Feel free to submit tutorials for us to try on the Contact page!


PS: If you’re looking for the guy who puts weird things in a blender to see if it will “blend”, his site is here.