Posted by steve on Dec 15, 2011

Making Roof Tiles

Here’s a tutorial for 3DS Max that works in Blender.

The changes we needed to make while following the tutorial were:

  • To create the bend in the single tile, I created an empty, and applied the “Simple Deform” modifier using the empty as the “Origin”. This let me get around the “Z-axis” default of the modifier.
  • I also enabled the “Relative” checkbox to make it work properly.
  • In the tutorial, they “Bent” in 90°, and in Blender’s “Simple Deform” I found a Factor of -1.5 gave me the proper result.
  • For the arrays, I first did an X offset of .825, then applied another Array modifier with a Y offset of .9 and a Z offset of .5


The original tutorial can be found here


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