Posted by steve on Oct 14, 2011

Step Stool

Here’s a quick simple tutorial for 3DS Max that works flawlessly in Blender.

The changes we needed to make while following the tutorial were:

  • Creating a primitive cylinder, you cannot dictate the initial segments, so some loop cuts were needed to get the starting geometry.
  • Target welding vertices can be cumbersome at times, but Alt-M L after selecting the two vertices does the trick.
  • Inset & bevel are replaced with extrude & scale, combined with Ctrl-R and multiple cuts for dividing the top into the various “texture” rings.
  • Blender uses “Spin” instead of lathe when creating the bumper.
  • This was a modelling tutorial, so the material was made roughly the same, without spending too much time trying to duplicate the original finished image.

The original tutorial can be found here
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