Posted by steve on Jan 16, 2012

Tip – Extrude Inward Evenly

Here’s a tip for Maya that is much easier in Blender.

The changes we needed to make while following the tutorial were:

  • Instead of having to manually snap/align/drag the vertices, simply extrude the four top faces “in place” then…
  • using “individual origins” for the pivot point,  scale the new faces in evenly.
  • To fix the errant two vertices, you could edge slide them by hand, but a more accurate method is to snap the cursor to the vertex you want to align them to, then…
  • simply scale along the needed axis to evenly align these vertices to the “3d cursor” pivot point.

The original tutorial can be found here


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3 Responses to “Tip – Extrude Inward Evenly”

  1. Steve says:

    To do the last scale command, (s)cale (y) (0) were the keys I used.

  2. Bethzabe says:

    For speed, (and a 100% alignment) scelet all your verts, hold down W and left click and hold, turn off Keep Spacing. Then click one axis arrow on your move tool, hold down V and middle mouse click/drag over another vert you want to align to.

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Bethzabe, I think those are the commands for Maya, as the keys don’t bring up the same thing in Blender for me…

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